Helpful Git Commands

Zip a folder using Git Archive. It will exclude all .gitignore folders and files, such as node_modules

git archive --format=zip HEAD -o

Git Submodule Setup

git submodule init
git submodule update
git fetch origin && git checkout master && git reset --hard origin/master

Git Submodule Update (using bash script and run ./scripts/


BRANCH_NAME=$(git name-rev --name-only HEAD)
if [[ "$BRANCH_NAME" != "production" ]]; then
  echo "Your current branch ${BRANCH_NAME} is not production. We must checkout to branch production branch before continuing."
  echo "Please manual reset to a branch production. Committing any live changes to this branch and push to origin."
  echo "Your current branch is production. Start updating child repositories."
  git submodule foreach --recursive 'git fetch origin && git checkout production && git reset --hard origin/production'
  echo -e "All repositories have been reset to production branch."