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“Learning life’s lessons is not about making your life perfect, but about seeing life as it was meant to be.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
call me Kevin!

When I first realized my career is a great adventure with coding and problem solving, I can’t stop seeing my computer open with a code editor screen.

The way is not easy from starting point.

My first course is a subscription with TeamTreeHouse, and the first language I actually learn is Javascript. Everything I could do without learning is crafting a new WordPress theme, do some basic output data, and styling with CSS. But with that “less” skills, I write a small travel news portal for a travel company. It’s the first time I worked with WordPress CMS, after switching from Joomla 1.5.x.

The second project which brings the “hacking” idea to me is a Wedding Planner. They need to showcase the gallery in each album, everything must be a slider. When I never hear about Flickity library, never touch any NodeJS package, and can’t find any slideshow plugin from the WP.org plugin repository, I got a first idea about extending the existing shortcode which is a part of WordPress core. The final result is great, and I start to believe in myself and my way to solve a problem.

The Next Challenge

When a recruiter discusses a new job with me on the day of 2017, it’s a very big adventure ahead. I was a Junior Developer, understanding a part of WordPress, and could write some hacking code. She said I could have a chance to become a Technical Lead. A role that requires any developer at least from Mid-level.

I spent 2 days that time thinking about my situation: 6 months ago, I just jumped into a small WordPress team, do some homework, and still learning. But by somehow, I believe my positive energy could push my career far away. I decided to join the trial process, which requires 2 hours every night during the week. We (I and a Founder of this agency) set up an environment, do some trial tasks for his clients. The final result is not too much high, around 6/10, but he thinks my problem-solving way could be a great point to work together.

On 15 July 2021, I start working with that agency. But a team has no one else. I was the first guy who went to a small office every day. We spent a month working together before a recruiter found the first developer at the Junior level.

The 3-year experience with the web development agency is a great path for my career. Learning and practice daily become a part of our culture. I crafted the internal guideline for all developers, from setup the Macbook, technical tools, how to capture screenshots to everything that seems related to our work at that time.

After 3-year, the company has grown up with 20 people and at least 3 agencies as clients. We expanded and moved offices 2 times, get more work and do more things.

Become an Entrepreneur

It’s a surprise when everyone saw me leaving that company. But I really want to find something more challenging, not only by code level but by my mindset.

I founded a new company in July 2020. We start with a few projects with my existing clients. In January 2021, during a Lunar New Year’s Holiday in Vietnam, I spent 3 days recrafting a new scaffold codebase. The new version brings more ideas from modular systems to extending into a single platform. We called it “CT Web Builder” the first time. After back to the office, my fellowships have spent a day understanding what changes with the new codebase. But they are very excited about that new systems.

After 1 month with bug fixes and improvements, some of our clients have been used with that. We feel our crafted product is a great way to build websites for our clients.

At this time of this article – 22 Sep 2021 – the new system has been developed for 50 websites. It’s not too much comparing with other page builders, but it’s our honor to do something in our way.